Covid 19 ,conspiracy theories , and disinformation.

Today I watched the Oklahoma City council meeting. I watched as citizens give public comment many unmasked spewed disinformation from the internet and social media. Some did so in the name of freedom. Some did so in the name of Christ . The self righteous garbage that was spewed is quite disturbing. People continue to beat the drum that covid19 has a 98% survival rate. No mention of the fact it’s killed at leas5 634000 Americans and over 4.5 million on a global scale. Mayors , state lawmakers and many in congress continue to resist mask mandates in the name of freedom. They all repeat the line of personal responsibility. We’re 18 months in to this pandemic people haven’t used personal responsibility yet. We have the conspiracy theory that covid was released from a lab and is a bio-weapon yet no evidence has emerged. We have people that say the vaccine has a microchip so the government can track you. Yet they don’t even consider the fact any smart phone , iPad , smart watch can all track you. Many on the far right promote drugs like hydroxychloroquine and now ivermectin. After those of us that have social distanced and worn mask and got the vaccine have been called a sheep for doing such things get to set back and watch the very people that started the sheep narrative literally take sheep medicine. People have ended up in the hospital because they took this medicine. While there is a version of this drug meant for humans people are going go a animal feed store and buying the animal version. After they’ve said they wouldn’t take the vaccine because it’s not Fda approved are taking a substance that’s not Fda approved. Sadly much of the disinformation comes from the evangelical church. I’ve heard evangelical pastors claim the vaccine is akin to the mark of the beast. Some claim that you don’t have faith if you take the vaccine or wear a mask. There’s also a theory that the vaccine changes your DNA. It doesn’t it can’t even touch your dna. What it can do is save your life if you get Covid 19. No one ever said you wouldn’t be able to get Covid. The simple fact is this is a new virus so no one really knew. Science is always changing when something is new. There are new discoveries everyday because scientist are always investigating.

The disinformation that’s out there right now is literally killing people because they’re getting Covid and dying. No 6000 people haven’t died because they took a vaccine. No it’s not a violation of your faith. There is nothing in the Bible that says you can’t get a vaccine to stop a deadly virus. According to studies during the first 3 months of 2020 6000 people were hospitalized and 800 people died because of disinformation and by now that number is probably on the thousands. How many people have gotten Covid because of disinformation ? How many died because of it ? We’re hearing stories of people asking if they can get the vaccine as they lay in a hospital bed. Sadly they waited too long. Many will tell you they didn’t think Covid was real or the vaccine wasn’t safe. If something sounds outlandish it is usually is. Stop sharing it. Stop believing every post you see on Facebook. Start talking to your doctor start paying attention to the experts. Not the loons in social media and not the right wing pastors with some narrative that we shouldn’t trust medicine. This will end with people getting sick of the lies and people dying. Several lower level lawmakers and conservatives talk radio host have died. When does it stop ? How much will be enough ? I wish I wasn’t Ending this with a question but that’s what I’m doing. How many people need to die before the disinformation stops?



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Just a guy from Oklahoma writing about life , sports , politics and just interesting current events.